Youngblood movie NOT to hit the big screen

At this time, it’s official! Image Comics first superhero team – the Rob Liefeld Government sanctioned heroes Youngblood will NOT be coming to big screen. It seems that a “rights” dispute to the Youngblood characters arose due to the acquisition by Terrific Production LLC.

In August, Rob Liefeld released a statement regarding the change:

“So, I currently have questionable access to Youngblood characters, characters I created and shepherded for nearly 3 decades. As a result, I shut down the storyline that would take Youngblood to issue #100 and beyond. A decidedly new approach is necessary, which I believe is paramount in this post-Avengers: Endgame world we find ourselves in. Youngblood will no longer be published by Image Comics or with my involvement at this time, a first in the 27 years since it launched. It’s all really weird but I’ve settled into the realization that this is the way it is going to be. I held it together for 23 years since doing the deal, until now. A film company rang me up last week seeking the rights to Youngblood but it required my involvement and I cannot at this juncture go forward.

About a month later, Rob Liefeld tweeted out to his followers:

So although the new publisher Terrific Production LLC will be printing the new Youngblood comics, Rob Liefeld (the creator) will no longer be participating. In fact, by his tweets he indicates he will have zero involvement (to include movie production) with Youngblood.

So thanks to this rights dispute, it appears the movie will NOT be produced…