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Episode VII “The Force Awakens”

*Spoiler Alert* This article contains information from the movie


Disney’s latest installment in the Star War Series is filled with a lot of key sequences that mimic...


Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice

Will DC be able to once again top the charts in the movie industry in 2016? Unlike its counterpart in the comic book industry, DC has been on a roller coaster ride when it...


The Walking Dead


This season’s walking dead has been filled with episode cliff hangers, new questions, and a mid-season finale that has left audiences wondering what can happen next. From Daryl and...


CW’s Legends of Tomorrow


The CW has been great bringing out shows based on famous comic book characters. From Smallville (Superman) to the new TV show “The Flash” the CW...


Dr. Strange Movie


Disney at it again! A new movie based on an iconic hero in the Marvel Universe is set to hit the theaters this coming November...


Ghostbusters movie

The new Ghostbusters?

Set to release in 2016, these new ghost hunters are very different from their predecessors...