Are you a fan of pops? If you are, then this meet and greet is for you.  Held once a month in different locations, these enthusiasts come together to offer Hawaii residents a variety of collectible Funko Pops!  Their last event held at the Aloha Stadium Swap meet on September 2 (Sunday) was filled with a huge selection of characters to choose from.

Located in Section 6C (the row behind the tourist D row) the Popswap had drew a good sized crowd.  And despite the delay of the event, everyone was in good spirits.  Originally planned for August 26, the event got cancelled due to the Stadium closure thanks to Hurricane Lane.

Their next event is scheduled for Mid-October.  Check them out on facebook for more details.  Just search for Popswapmeet on facebook and like them to receive updates!

Holy Moley Shazam Fans! This comic book is quickly rising in value as the trailer to the new movie is circulating online.  Printed in 1973, it was the first Shazam comic book that was published by DC after they acquired the character.  It is important to note that this is NOT the first appearance of Captain Marvel.  Captain Marvel originally first appeared in Whiz Comics #2 published by Fawcett comics.

We are recommending to pick this issue up at 7.5 or higher as the value continues to rise.