Aloha pop culture fans!  The TV fall line-up started at the end of September!  So as of October, it has official begun!  So to welcome these new and returning shows we have provided a list to help us all keep track.  Please note that this list does not encompass all the returning shows – so please forgive us if we missed one of your favorites here….Also remember to check your local cable provider for the channels and showtimes….Enjoy!

Oct 5 Friday

Van Helsing – Season 3 – Channel: Syfy

  • Vanessa Van Helsing is back and she and Scarlett have “the blood of the first” coursing through their veins leaving us more questions than answers…

Oct 7 Sunday

Dr. Who – 11th season – Channel: BBC America

  • The long wait is over.  The newly regenerated Doctor ejected from the Tardis at the end of Season 10 is here…is she a keeper?

The Walking Dead – Season 9 – Channel: AMC

  • Season 9 has been dubbed Rick Grimes final episodes….what fate awaits Rick now that the war is over?

Star Wars – Resistance – Season 1 – Channel: Disney

  • Disney has started a brand new animated series set between the events of Return of the Jedi and the Force Awakens….

Oct 9 Tuesday

The Flash – Season – Channel: The CW

  • Barry and Iris Allen meet one of the most important people of their lives and she’s from the future!

Black Lightning – Season 2 – Channel: The CW

  • The public have accepted them as heroes….but there are consequences….

Oct 11 Thursday

Supernatural – Season 14– Channel: The CW

  •  A renegade angel possessing Dean…can the brothers overcome this obstacle?

Oct 12 Friday

Blindspot – Season 4 – Channel: NBC

  • What’s in store for our amnesiac heroine….who’s to know….

Titans – Season one – Channel: DC universe

  • The Teen Titans are finally here….what does season one hold in store for our heroes?

Oct 14 Sunday

Supergirl – Season 4 – Channel: The CW

  • The battle against Reign has been won….but what happens next? We have to tune in to find out!

Charmed – Season 1 – Channel: The CW

  • The sisters are back…this is a reboot of our classic power of three sisters!

Oct 15 Monday

Arrow – Season – Channel: The CW

  • The archer is back…but will he do more harm than good?

The seven deadly sins: Revival of the Commandments – Channel: Netflix

  • Anime’s continuation to the Seven Deadly sins….Now enter the commandments!

Oct 19 Friday

Daredevil – Season 3 – Channel: Netflix

  • There is NO Matt Murdock now…only Daredevil….

Oct 22 Monday

DC Legends of Tomorrow – Season 4 – Channel: The CW

  • The timeline is being mended by this team….yet don’t call them heroes because their legends….

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