Current Winners:

Prize Package #1 (3/2/19) – Ticket #1065 R. Baldez

Comic Winner Venom #1 (3/16/19) – Ticket #1021 P. Punzai

Comic Winner Avengers Annual #10 (3/16/19) – Ticket #1093 W. Sanchez

Prize Package #2 (4/2/19) – Ticket #1105 A.Samora

The Hicollector store is expanding! That’s right!  You heard it right! We are going to extend our current store space another 200 square feet!  That means more merchandise and more items to choose from. To celebrate the expansion – Hicollector is offering at select shows and at the swap meet our store raffle promo!  Enter to win prizes for the expansion! There are 8 chances to win!  Ticket vouchers are also available for sale at our store
1001 Dillingham Blvd Ste 323, Honolulu, Hi 96817 until 5/25/19!
Plus – In addition to the prizes, the ticket vouchers are also equivalent to a $5.00 in store discount!  Use them to purchase those long lost memorabilia you have been looking for!

The producers of the AMC the Walking dead TV show have inspired the comic pick of the month with their grim reproduction of this issue’s border scene. Although fans of the comics knew that it was going to happen, it was both the way they presented it and the characters that were eliminated that were a shock to fans of the TV show. What exactly am I talking about? If you are a fan of the Walking dead you know exactly what I am referring to…the ending of the Season 9’s episode “The Calm before.”

Thanks to the TV show, the comic pick of the month is the Walking Dead #144. Still an inexpensive comic, it is best remembered for the gruesome border scene wherein King Ezekiel, Rosita, and eight other characters were killed.

As this is a modern comic, Hicollector suggests you pick it up at a 9.2 or higher.