Character Spotlight – Quasar

One of the few Marvel cosmic characters that have yet to make an appearance in the Marvel Cinematic universe is Quasar. His real name is Wendell Elvis Vaugh and he is one of those characters with similar characteristics to other cosmic heroes. The main difference between him and characters like Captain Marvel and Nova is that he wears two Quantum Bands, which is the source of his powers.

Quasar first appeared as “Marvel Boy” in Captain America #217 (January 1978). This version of the character continued to make guest appearances in the comics (Captain America, Incredible Hulk, Marvel Two-in-one and Avengers). It was only later that his character was later redesigned by Mark Gruenwald and his name changed to Quasar. Quasar first appeared under his new design and name in the Incredible Hulk #234 (April 1979).

Quasar’s story apparently ended with his death in 2006 with the mini-series Annihilation: Nova (Jun 2006-Sep 2006). Eventually his character was resurrected in 2009 in the publication Realm of Kings one-shot (2009).