June 2019 – Comic Pick of the Month

They finally did it! After one-hundred and ninety issues, the main character of the Walking dead comic book Rick Grimes died. I say one-hundred and ninety issues because he was shot in issue #191. His fate was finally revealed in issue #192 when his son Carl found him as a zombie (and killed him).

For those of you NOT familiar with the comic book the walking dead or its reiteration on TV by AMC, Rick Grimes was the main protagonist of the story (on TV he was killed off but had an open story arc for a return). This makes his death comic history.

Not to reveal too much, but I found the ending both sad and tragic as his death is neither spectacular or grandiose as one might expect from a character that has been the lead of the series for the last sixteen years. In fact, there is no dialogue, no hero’s last stand, no glorious battle or even family goodbyes and farewells. Rick is fatally wounded from a gunshot wherein he bleeds out alone eventually morphing into a zombie.

As this is an important comic in the storyline of the Walking dead, Hicollector has chosen this comic as its June 2019 comic pick of the month. As this is a modern issue – Hicollector suggests you pick it up at a 9.2 copy or better.