DC’s new hit: The Wonder Woman Movie

In the past decade, DC and Warner Bros super-hero themed movies have hit an all-time low.  Unlike their competitors in the MCU (Marvel Cinematic Universe), the team of DC and Warner Bros have produced several controversial and contentious films in their attempt to reboot DC’s heroes.  Production studio delays, poor storylines, bad movie continuity, terrible special effects and an abundance of action scenes are just a few of the reasons audiences found their movies negative.

“What would be the fate of the new Wonder woman story?” were my thoughts.

Hoping for the best, this critic was not expecting much from the new Wonder woman movie.  Partially because Gal Gadot’s brief appearance in Dawn of the Justice League (Superman vs. Batman) gave us a brief glimpse into Wonder woman’s character.   (The character’s cameo in the movie was both captivating and humorous as she battled Doomsday alongside her fellow Trinity members Batman and Superman.) And partially due to the few movie trailers released.

This opinion changed after watching the new hit movie Wonder woman.  This critic (as well as audiences) are responding favorably to this new reboot.  Directed by Patty Jenkins, Gal Gadot’s performance as the legendary heroine was epic.  This was an origin story – pure and simple.  And unlike other DC movies released, the movie capitalized on the main comic theme which appealed to its loyal readers – Wonder Woman is first and foremost a hero.

Set in World War I, the movie follows closely the original origin story of Wonder woman (less the birth story).  Trained by her aunt in the ways of the Amazon (despite her mother’s wishes), her life changes when Steve Trevor’s (Chris Pine) plane crashes into the ocean near their island home of Themiscarya.  As a result, the Amazons have their first visit to their “Paradise Island” in ages.  After a battle between the Amazons and the Germans on the beach, Diana Prince (aka Wonder Woman) makes the hard choice to leave her home Themiscarya to save the world.  Her adventure takes her to London and then the warfront – and eventually to her battle with Ares the God of Truth or War?

The true villain of the story was the negative side of humankind.  Greed, pride, lust for power and corruption, all elements present in War properly portrayed and depicted throughout the movie.   Wonder Woman, young and naïve of human nature and war, experience these horrors and in her attempts to help, becomes a beacon of hope.

DC and Warner Bros may have finally done it.  But can this trend continue?