August 2020 – Comic pick of the month

The world’s greatest detective will be back to the silver screen battle one of his most dangerous foes – Edward Nigma aka the Riddler! First appearing in Detective Comics #140, he is commonly depicted wearing a green leotard with question marks all over. Frank Gorshin (the actor) portrayed the Riddler in the popular classic TV show (1960-1970). It was said that Gorshin disliked the costume and kept asking the producers to change the costume. In the end, the TV producers gave the Riddler a green business suit with question marks all over it (complete with a bowler derby hat). This version of the Riddler’s costume would NOT be featured in the comics until the October 1989 Secret Origin Special #1.

This is what makes this comic so unique – as it was the first to feature the Riddler’s new outfit – and makes it our comic pick of the month.

As this is a chrome age comic, Hicollector suggest you pick it up at 9.2 or better!