Happy Thanksgiving from Hicollector!

Alohas to all!  For those of you that do not know about the holiday Thanksgiving, let me explain…..Thanksgiving Day is a national holiday in the United States.  This is thanks to President Abraham Lincoln, who in 1863 (during the midst of the civil war) proclaimed Thanksgiving a national holiday to be held each November.

The origins of Thanksgiving dates back to 1621.   Early pilgrims to the Americas suffered harsh and difficult conditions when they migrated to the new world.  If not for their alliance with the local native tribe of Wampanoag Indians, the colonists at Plymouth would have most likely perished.  For it was this tribe of Indians that taught the new settlers how to survive.

The Plymouth colonists in gratitude to the Wampanoag Indians for their first bountiful harvest, rejoiced with a shared celebration.  This celebratory feast (which lasted a few days) has been acknowledged by most historians as the first Thanksgiving.  Since then, the tradition of celebrating Thanksgiving has been going on for more than two centuries. 

Thanksgiving is a day appointed for giving thanks for divine goodness.  It is a day to reflect and remember all those things we are thankful throughout the year.  That is why we at Hicollector want to tell everyone again – Thanks!  Without your continued support, Hicollector would not be the success it is today…