Character Spotlight – Jack O’ Lantern

The character of Jack O’Lantern has had several reiterations throughout the comics. That is because several different individuals have used the name Jack O’Lantern. Each of them criminals with their own personal agendas.

The original Jack O’Lantern was Jason Macendale. Macendale was an ex-CIA agent who turned to a life of crime, and was mostly associated with the Hobgoblin. And like Hobgoblin, Jason Macendale was an enemy of Spider-Man.

Later a mercenary by the name of Steven Levins took on the name of Jack O’Lantern. He worked as a hero hunter for Baron Zemo’s Thunderbolts (Civil War Storyline) and was killed by the Punisher. He was later resurrected as a clone by the Jackal.

After Levins was killed, a duo working for Norman Osborn used the name calling himself “Mad Jack.” It was later revealed that “Mad Jack” was Daniel Berkhart (aka Mysterio) and Maguire Beck. Eventually Berkhart returned to his Mysterio persona and left Beck to continue on as “Mad Jack.” However, Beck was eventually defeated and arrested.

It was during the Dark Reign storyline that Steven Levin’s brother took up the mantle of Jack O’Lantern. Mr. Levins as he was referred to committed murder as part of a satanic ritual to gain superpowers.

Jack O’ Lantern is alot like the Green Goblin and Hobgoblin, wherein he rides a glider and has the same gadgets and weaponry (pumpkin bombs).