Spider-man: Far from Home another hit for MCU

*Spoiler Alert! This page contains story elements from the Spider-man movie: Far from Home.

In the aftermath of the Avengers Endgame (wherein half the world’s populace has returned), the world is once again in danger as four massive elemental creatures (each creature represents one of the four elements Earth, air, water and fire) emerge from a hole torn in the universe.

“Ghosting” Nick Fury’s phone calls, Peter Parker’s European school trip/vacation takes an unexpected turn when the SHIELD Director shows up in his hotel room recruiting him for a mission.

Helping our hero is the interdimensional being known as “Mysterio.” Who traveled to our hero’s earth after his was obliterated by the four elements. Mysterio and Spiderman team-up to aid Nick Fury (and SHIELD) locate and battle the elemental creatures.

The heroes (Spiderman & Mysterio) win the day, vanquish the elementals, and share drinks at the local pub…however things are NOT all as they seem. Turns out that Mysterio is a bad guy and that his entire back story is a lie!

In fact, Mysterio was but one of several ex-employees of Tony Stark that banded together to create this incredible simulation to fool everyone into thinking the world was in danger. Their goal – to gain control of a powerful weapons system given to Parker by Stark. Peter falls for the ruse and ends up giving the tech to Mysterio….

However, after figuring out his error, Spiderman confronts Mysterio and is defeated. But like all heroes, rise up once they have lost to defeat the bad guy and save the day.

The end is a startling revelation as the world is told by Mysterio Spiderman’s secret identity…..Peter Parker.