Doctor Who’s twelfth Doctor no more…..?


The 12th Doctor of the British fan favorite show “Doctor who” may be bidding farewell.  In the action packed season 10 finale “The Doctor Falls,” a lot of surprising twists happen that leave you on the edge of your seat.  If you have not had a chance to watch the episode, then I suggest you take a moment to watch it.   The final episode ended with a cliffhanger that made a lot of fans utter those words “wtf.”

For those of you that were not sure….YES! That was the first Doctor (originally portrayed by William Hartnell) that Peter Capaldi met.  And YES! Peter Capaldi’s Doctor was able to stop his regeneration cycle somewhat.  But what does it all mean?

My theory if you will, is that the Doctor landed in the South pole.  What makes me say that?  If you are a true whovian, think back to the first Doctor’s final episode.  The name of the episode was “the tenth planet,” which aired back in 1966 (and was Hartnell’s last appearance as the First Doctor).  The episode was about the Doctor and his companions Ben and Polly who arrive in the Tardis at the South Pole in 1986 near the Snowcap base.  The base was supervising the Zeus IV spaceship whose mission was to do a routine check on the earth’s atmosphere.  Weird readings on the Zeus spaceship lead to the discovery of a planet that is somehow moving towards the earth.  Dubbed the tenth planet, the Doctor explains that it is called Mondas (Earth’s sister planet) and that the inhabitants will be visting Earth soon.  And as predicted, three robotic creatures arrive at the base killing the guards and easily taking over the base.

It was the Cyberman premiere – the episode “the tenth planet” was the first story to feature the Cybermen as well as the Doctor’s 1st regeneration.  The encounter between the First Doctor and the Twelfth could have happened somewhere after the First Doctor (in a weak state) left Ben and Polly to retrieve something from his Tardis….

Did Missy aka the Master die?  It would appear so.  Slain by her former self, we see Missy lying down closing her eyes while her younger self says “don’t bother regenerating I hit you with the full blast.”  Will she recover and return? Not sure, but if the master has come back from the dead – it is possible Missy can too.

Billie seems to have had the better ending.  After all the many adventures and mishaps she had with the Doctor (especially since she waited), she survived the explosive blast that slayed all of the Cybermen. Upon seeing the Doctor lying unconscious (possibly dying), she is transformed into a cosmic entity by her beloved Heather….a nice ending for a truly remarkable companion.

As we bid farewell to Peter Capaldi’s Doctor Who, let us reflect on this latest incarnation.  Capaldi’s 12th Doctor had a lot of snags along the way.  His version of the Doctor has been filled with gloomy storylines, unfulfilled promises, and a few companion deaths.  Not a favorable characteristic of our beloved Timelord.  However, in the less than four years that Capaldi’s Doctor has been around, he has been able to forge a unique identity different from any of the previous Doctors.  Honestly, I’ll probably not miss him – but I can say the 12th Doctor is indeed memorable.

Doctor Who returns this Christmas 2017….