The return of Mjolnir! The fabled weapon of Thor! To Marvel fans it should be no surprise that Mjolnir means “lightning” or “lightning maker.”

It’ll be interesting to see how the MCU explains how the Hammer gets reforged as it was destroyed by Hela in “Thor Ragnarock.” In the comics Mjolnir has been destroyed or damaged several times. (The Destroyer’s force beam and Dark God Perrikus scythe split it in two; Molecule man vaporized it; Destroyed when Thor used it to channel immeasurable energy at the celestial Exitar; And was shattered when it clashed with the uru weapons of Loki’s storm giant followers)

As you can see by the pics Thor’s hammer is somewhat whole again (except for the cracks where the lightning is shown) and is wielded by Jane Foster. In comics, Jane Foster temporarily weilds the hammer when Thor becomes unworthy to do (Thor #1 vol 4; also read the Original sin storyline) However at the time Jane Foster was dying of cancer…

From what we can see in the previews, it looks like Thor love and Thunder will deal with the issues that Thor was dealing with in Avengers endgame. His overweight issue, his loss of friends, and his love Jane Foster…whom we see with him in the previews.

Also it looks like Thor will have to deal with Val Kilmer’s Gorr – The Godslayer! Hopefully this will be another hit movie from the MCU! Thor Love and Thunder in theaters July 8, 2022.