Wanda Vision introduces the Scarlet Witch

**SPOILER ALERT – If you haven’t seen season one, you might want to skip this synopsis.

Of the many movies and shows that Disney produced, none was as confusing as the beginning of TV show series known as Wanda Vision. One of the first live action MCU shows to premiere on the new Disney plus streaming platform, the show was based on the idea that Wanda Maximoff and the Vision were married. However, leave it to Disney and the MCU to create a mystery, as the series begins episode 1 with a delightful tribute to some of our favorite old time TV sitcoms and zero explanations.

Initial reviews from various websites stated that the show continues after the events of Avengers endgame. However, as we all know, the vision had died in the Infinity War (movie not the comic) when his mindstone was plucked from his forehead by the Mad Titan Thanos. So how can Wanda Maximoff and the Vision be living a suburban life in the town Westview New Jersey?

It’s hard for us to understand what is going on, especially when the only clue we get is at the end of episode one. This is wherein the credits begin to roll and we see that the show is appearing on a monitor??? How’s that for confusing.

The mystery deepens in episode two as certain elements in the show begin to stand out. From the weird communication signal on the radio to the red colored helicopter that Wanda discovers. None of this however gives us an inkling as to what is really going on. The most surprising moment is when Wanda some reverses time in episode 2 and relives the moment with the vision in color….

Episode 3 still leaves us clueless somewhat, except that we begin to see some peculiar things happenning. Not talking about the fact Wanda Vision now resembles the Brady Bunch, or the unusual events during her labor, or the accelerated birth that leads to twins.

It was what happenned at the end of the episode that made us think twice about our heroine. After a brief discussion with Monica, Wanda goes all “dark mode” and at the end of the episode we see Monica being ejected into the present.

It is in episode 4 that our answers begin to form and take shape. Thanks to our ever clever intern Darcy (from the Thor movies) and our FBI agent Jimmy Woo (from Ant-man 2), we begin to form a snapshot of what is going on. Apparently, Wanda and the Vision are trapped in some sort of world altered reality protected by an energy barrier. The reality inside the energy barrier is like a TV sitcom and is being projected outward in the form of a television signal. Anything that passes through the barrier is transformed to match the show’s theme.

Where did this energy barrier come from? How did it occur? And does it pose any threat? That is what the boys at SWORD (Sentient Weapon Observation Response Division) want to find out. And find out they do! When they threaten the main star of the show – Wanda!

Apparently Wanda is responsible for all this! Somehow she wanted this reality to exist, and she hijacked the entire town using her reality warping powers! It was only when she was confronted by SWORD that she steps outside of her sitcom universe so she can issue a warning to SWORD to leave her and her world alone.

But SWORD is not alone in their quest. The Vision also begins to question his reality as again there are snippets of another existence outside his own. When confronting Wanda about it, it appears that she denies it and tries to distract her husband (Vision) from discovering the truth.

However, before anything can be explained – a mystery guest appears! Pietro appears at the door. But is NOT the Pietro that we are familiar with. It is the Pietro from the X-men movies that are produced by FOX! **Surprise**Surprise** Disney decided to add this twist to the show…..

Now that we know what is going on, you can pretty much guess what happens next. Vision discovers the truth about their existence and Wanda confronts her grief (and reconciles her emotions)….THE END….

Just kidding! It’s not like you could do that all in a nine-episode storyline….Disney’s MCU had to add more twists to the story! To make the show interesting! Hence enter Agatha Harkness….

We know Agatha Harkness from the comics as an elderly lady and a powerful witch. She is both friend and mentor to Wanda Maximoff (and mother to Nicolas Scratch). In addition, she is also the nanny to Franklin Richards, the child of Reed and Sue Richards (Fantastic Four).

But, this Agatha Harkness is NOT the beloved character that we are familiar with. In WandaVision, Agatha Harkness is a powerful witch that uses her power to manipulate Wanda Maximoff’s world. Drawn to Westview due to the power she sensed (as well as Wanda’s grief), Agatha eventually reveals herself and forces Wanda to confront the truth behind her reality. The truth that she is doesn’t just manipulate energy and reality – she utilizes chaos magic as well. It is then that she first gets her superheroine name “Scarlet Witch.” Wanda and Agatha battle each other, NOT just for control – but for the ultimate prize – the DARKHOLD!

And if this is NOT enough to get you excited, the Vision gets resurrected! That’s right! The original body of the Vision was put back together and thanks to Wanda’s “Energy/Chaos Magic” it becomes animated. SWORD attempts to use the android to stop Wanda! Fortunately, the Vision in Wanda’s reality confronts his rebuilt self and helps it to realize self-awareness. The White Vision then disappears and does not reappear in the show.

In the end, Wanda accepts the truth – that her reality is a lie and lets go off the magic. She releases the town and its people and allows everything to revert back to its original state. She gets a chance to say her goodbyes to her children and husband Vision before they all dissolve away. After a heartfelt apology, Wanda flies off….

The end cut scene shows her reading from the DARKHOLD….and after hearing her kids cry to help, the cut scene ends….

Thanks Disney! I really enjoyed the show! Can’t wait to see what you come up with next!