Wonder Woman 1984 to be released on 12/25/2020

Alohas Hawaii! It’s official! Warner Bros has unveiled that it will be releasing the new Wonder Woman 1984 movie this coming December 25. Not only will it be offered at the big screen for us fans, but Warner Bros has also announced that it will be availabe on HBO Max!

This information was posted on screenrant.com – click here to read their article
Picture from Variety website

This is wonderful news especially after numerous delays have occurred in the movie and TV industry. It’s apparent to everyone that every type of industry has suffered due to the COVID-19 pandemic. However, it has been the entertainment industry that has really been hit hard during these times. Several studios had to stop production on their sitcoms or movie production due to the crisis. And this has pushed their release dates forward several months or years.

Part of the problem of the pandemic – social distancing. Keeping a safe distance ensures that movie goers aren’t out and about to the theaters. That’s why its great that Warner Bros gives viewers the chance to view the movie on HBO Max!

So superhero fans excited to see Gal Gadot wear that iconic uniform again get ready! It will be out on Christmas day! Directed by Patty Jenkins (original director of the 2017 Wonder woman movie), she teases at the setting and story of the sequel.