January 2020 – Comic pick of the month

What better way to start off the new year than to change your main character? In the case of this comic, the main character Thor was changed in December of 2014….

Back in 2014, Marvel had decided to go with a politically correct theme for all their comics. As the demographics for the United States has changed drastically over the years, the concept of a male caucasian as the super-hero archetype was considered antiquated and obsolete. As such, Marvel had changed their major super-heroes to reflect the current trends of our modern society. This is what happenned to Thor….in December 2014, Mjolnir got a new owner – none other than Jane Foster!

What makes this comic so important is that the theme of the next upcoming Thor movie (Love and Thunder) will feature Jane Foster as Thor. This is what has made this modern issue so desireable!

As this is a modern age comic, Hicollector suggest you pick it up as 9.2 or better.