Sep 2019 – Comic Pick of the Month

Natasha Romanoff aka Romanova known as the Black Widow first appeared in Marvel Comics Tales of Suspense #52 (April 1964). Introduced as a Russian spy, her early depictions were as a non-costumed antagonist to Iron Man. It was only later in the comics that she would adopt a costume and her own identity.

The amazing thing about the Black Widow character is that she has always had supporting role or cameo in the comics. Black Widow #1 (Vol 1 Jun1999) is an important issue because it is the first time that her character starred in her own solo series.

With her sacrifice to help save the universe in the Avengers movie Endgame, any merchandise related to Black Widow has gone up in value. This comic being a chrome age issue, Hicollector recommends you pick this comic up in a 9.0 or better condition.