Hicollector Store Raffle Promo

The Hicollector store is expanding! That’s right!  You heard it right! We are going to extend our current store space another 200 square feet!  That means more merchandise and more items to choose from. To celebrate the expansion – Hicollector is offering at select shows and swap meet our store raffle promo!  Enter to win prizes for the expansion! There are 8 chances to win!  Ticket vouchers are also available for sale at our store
1001 Dillingham Blvd Ste 323, Honolulu, Hi 96817 until 5/25/19!
Plus – In addition to the prizes, the ticket vouchers are also equivalent to a $5.00 in store discount!  Use them to purchase those long lost memorabilia you have been waiting for!

Congratulations to all the Winners!

Prize Package #1 – R Baldez with Ticket #1065

Venom #1 – P Punzai Ticket #1021

Avengers Annual #10 – W.Sanchez Ticket #1093

Prize Package #2 – A.Samora Ticket #1105

Eternal Warrior #4 – A. Perez Ticket no. 1141

NYX #4 – B. Rivero Ticket #1127

Secret Wars #8 – T.Balon Ticket #1420

Prize Package #3 – R. Delau Ticket #1233