May 2019 – Comic Pick of the Month

The much anticipated Avengers endgame movie broke several box office records when it was released last month. Alot of teasers were showcased like the A-force (Marvel’s Female Avenger group) or Bruce Banner’s hybrid Hulk. But the one hero appearing that stood out among the rest was Rescue (Pepper Potts’ Ironman suit).

New to the big screen but NOT to the Marvel Universe, Rescue first appeared in the Invincible Iron man Vol 2 issue #10 on April 2009. Surprisingly, her debut into the marvel universe happenned about one year after the 1st Ironman movie was released. Fast foward to last month – April 2019 – her first appearance on the big screen was on her tenth year anniversary month!

Thanks Marvel Cinematic Universe – your just made Rescue’s 1st appearance a must have and Hicollector’s May 2019 comic pick of the month!

As this is a modern age comic – Hicollector suggests you pickup this comic at 9.6 or better.