February 2019 – Comic pick of the month

The comic pick of the month is Eternal Warrior no. 4. Published in November 1992 by Valiant Comics, this issue may NOT be easily available as Valiant Comics was not as popular as Marvel or DC comics. The reason why this comic book is recommended is because the latest new to hit the market is the announcement that Bloodshot will have a movie in 2020.

This news has already driven the price of this comic book up! Our suggestion is to pick up this comic right away before we see a huge surge in price. (Just like what happenned with Amazing Spider-man #361 the 1st appearance of Carnage). Right now this key issue is still affordable! But that is NOT going to last!

As this is a chrome age comic, Hicollector suggests you pick it up at a 9.2 or better.