Character Spotlight – Deadshot

Deadshot’s original costume was a top hat Tuxedo with side guns.  His first appearance was in 1950 (Batman #59) and the title of his story is “The man who Replaced Batman.”

Deadshot is a hired assassin.  He is known in the criminal underworld as the assassin that  “never misses.” He is trained in a variety of weapons, but is most of the time shown as using a pair of wrist-mounted guns.

Deadshot’s real name is Floyd Lawton.  Although born wealthy, Floyd was a troubled child and was neglected by his parents.  His father was abusive and he idolized his brother Eddie.  Unlike Floyd, Eddie was loved by his parents (as well as others).

Deadshot had a son he named Edward Lawton (after his brother Eddie).  Unfortunately, his son was sodomized and killed by Wes Anselm.  Later, Deadshot finds out he has a daughter Zoe.  He decides to change his life (for his daughter) and eliminate the local    gangs that plague Star City.  He then later fakes his own death to lead a normal life.  However his “normal life” does not last long and he returns to his former life.

Did you know that Deadshot was originally introduced as a hero?  This however was a ruse as he intended to eliminate Batman and become King of Gotham’s underworld….