Ant-man and Wasp

Marvel Studios has released a sequel to their blockbuster 2015 movie Ant-man called Ant-man and Wasp. This sequel brings back the original trio of Scott Lang (Paul Rudd), Hope Van Dye (Evangeline Lilly) and Dr. Hank Pym (Micheal Douglas).

The movie is set two years after Scott Lang (Paul Rudd) was placed on house arrest (due to his involvement with the Avengers in Civil War) but prior to the events of Avengers Infinity War.  The movie centers around a rescue mission to save the original wasp, Janet Van Dyne (Michelle Pfeiffer), who was lost to the Microverse.

Now just because it is a movie about a rescue mission does not mean that it is all drama and suspense.  Far from it!  The movie has plenty humor alongside the action.  In fact there is more comedy than the first film which makes Ant-man and the Wasp a fun filled sequel that the whole family can watch.

Hope Van Dyne (the new Wasp) is introduced and as she gets to participate in the action sequences alongside Scott Lang (Ant-man).  Hope’s suit is also uniquely designed and different from her precedessor and Ant-Man suit.  The Wasp’s costume is outfitted with upgrades like wings and blasters much like her counterpart in the comics.

It was also good to see the supporting characters have more screen time than the original movie.  Antics like Luis (Micheal Pena) dialogue or the actions of the Ghost (Hannah John-Kamen) and Bill Foster (Laurence Fishburne) kept the movie interesting.

Without giving out too much info – let’s just say that Ant-man was safe from the Thanos Half-universe Infinity sweep which is why he’ll definitely be appearing in the upcoming sequel Avengers: Endgame.