Character Spotlight – Domino

Domino’s real name is Neena Thurman and is one of two survivors of the US government’s Project Armageddon. She was stolen away by the Beatrice cult (aka Armajesuits) and given to a Chicago priest until her mutant powers emerged.  Later she began working for the government in covert ops.
After her husband was killed she left the government and joined the mercenary group “Six pack.” This is where she had met Cable….
Domino is a mercenary.  Trained in special ops and possessing a mutant luck factor, Domino is a formidable foe.
Did you know her first appearance was in X-force #8 and not New Mutants #98?  This is becoz although her character was introduced in New Mutants #98 she only appeared as herself in X-force #8.  A shapeshifter had impersonated her in New Mutants #98….