The Walking Dead Season 8 review….

The producers of the hit show the Walking dead did it again!

After last season’s poorly written slow moving content, Season 8 was filled with action packed episodes.  This fan is so glad that they did not decide to drag on the all-out war storyline for two seasons!  They completed everything and wrapped it up neatly in one season of only 16 episodes!

Starting with Episode 1 Mercy, the united communities rallied together to take down Negan!  And what a plan that had been concocted!  Wherein a group would attack the Sancturary bringing down their fences and then taking down the compound with Walkers effectively trapping the Saviors in their own base!  And thanks to the intel of Dwight, Rick and others were able to simultaneously attack the different outposts preventing rescue to the sanctuary!

With each succeeding episode the story grew more exciting!  I enjoyed watching scenes like Enid and Eugene attempting to rally oceanside to their cause; or Rick convincing the scavengers to join; or how Father Gabriel and Negan escaped the walkers.

Plot twists like Dwight’s betrayal discovered; Eugene’s duplicity or the Saviors escape and attack back kept me tuned in each week!  And how could we forget the biggest plot twist of all…Carl Grimes’ death!!!!

Although the season finale kept in continuity with the comics (Negan not dying), I still found the show quite enjoyable!  How can they top this season? Not sure – but I can’t wait to find out…the Walking dead returns to AMC in October 2018!