The Thirteenth Doctor is here

The new Doctor Who (Jodie Whittaker) debuted this last Christmas Special on BBC.  Announced last July 2017 that the new Doctor who would be a woman, fans of the hit show have been eager to meet this latest incarnation.  However her introduction after the regeneration cycle wherein she was ejected from the Tardis and is falling from the sky is definitely NOT a good start for this female heroine.

I must admit, that like everyone else – I’m excited to see what direction the show will take.  This is a huge change for fans of this show (including myself) not because the character has morphed from male to female, but because we don’t know what kind of Doctor she is going to be.

Having watched the Doctor Who show from a young age, I’ve seen the show evolve over the years to entertain viewers. Each Doctor that came out was a relaunching of the show, as each and every Doctor Who that came out was different from the next. From Scifi shows to movies, I have been a loyal Doctor who fan throughout his many transformations.

I was quite upset that Christopher Eccleston was replaced after only one season in 2005.  In my opinion, his version of the Doctor never really had a chance to fully develop.  Especially that the show had just started up again after so long a hiatus.  But David Tennant did a great job replacing him as did Matt Smith.

I slowly lost interest when Peter Capaldi started his tenure but returned to the show to watch his later episodes.

Now that the regeneration cycle has occurred, I am expecting again a complete reboot of the series.  No release date has been announced yet, but like all the fans – I’ll be waiting for more news…