Star Wars Episode VIII – The Last Jedi

“Amazing, every word of what you just said was wrong”

                                                                                                            Luke Skywalker Jedi Master

This article contains spoilers for the movie Star Wars: The Last Jedi.

Star Wars the last Jedi written and directed by Rian Johnson answered two important questions that sent the internet a buzz after JJ Abrams the Force Awakens; “Who are Rey’s parents?” and “What is Snoke’s role in all this?” And as disappointing as it is, the answer is “nobody.”  Rey’s parents were nobody important, and Snoke was nobody at all…

Wow.  What a complete let down.  As a Star Wars Fan I found the last Jedi to be complete off track with the entire mythology of Star Wars.  In my review of the Force Awakens, I noted that JJ Abrams may have capitalized too much on Episode IV (A new hope) when writing his script.  So much that it seemed to mimic several scenes and plots.  This was not the case in the Last Jedi.

Everything about the movie was 100% original.  There were two plots in the movie – The training of Rey as a Jedi and the Escape of the Rebel Fleet.  Both of which were masterfully portrayed in this movie.  Even the characters themselves were redefined….Luke Skywalker Jedi Master was not his former positive self.  He was a bitter old man upset at the vanity of the Jedi and at how he himself was a “Legend.” Leia utilized force powers (not seen in any movie except Episode VI Return of the Jedi).  Kylo Ren indecisiveness to his allegiances. All this and more scenes of the movie broke with traditional Star Wars mythos.

In fact, upon analyzing the film, the main theme of the Last Jedi isn’t good versus evil (like all the other Star Wars films).  The message I got from the film is that it’s about what is right and that you have to do it, even though the entire universe is against you.  Scenes like when Finn decides to leave, but instead figures out a plan to save the fleet.  Or the actions of Luke when he realizes Kylo Ren’s dark inhibitions and almost acts upon them.  Or how Poe attempted to save the rebellion by starting a mutiny and taking over the cruiser and the twist that Kylo Ren kills Snoke and battles the Red Imperial Guards with Rey.

Even the entire casino sequence wherein they explained that the real problem with the universe was the darker side of individuals stating all the people there were profiteering from the war between the Rebels and the First order.  I could go on an on citing other scenes in the movie….the point is – the entire movie was filled with these hidden messages expressing this theme.

In any event, whether you loved the Last Jedi or hated it (or loved to hate it), this writer and fan wants to point out that the 8th movie in the Star Wars franchise was an original.  Sure we all hope that the Star Wars movies will tap into the fan base mythology out there, however as we have seen by the movie “The Force Awakens” this simply is not going to happen.  So fans like myself have to be content with whatever new storyline that the Disney writers dream up.

On a personal note: Farewell Jedi Master Luke…what was Rey’s third lesson you promised? Did I miss it in the movie?