Emma Frost “White Queen” – Character Spotlight

Emma Frost is a telepathic beauty that transitioned from one of the X-men’s deadliest foes to one of their most important ally.  She first appeared in Uncanny X-men #129 as one of the leaders of the Hellfire Club and was known for many conflicts between Xavier’s school and her Massachusetts Academy.

Her transformation from villain to hero began in Uncanny X-men #281 when the Hellions (her school’s equivalent of the new mutants) were killed.  It was during this event Emma Frost placed herself in a psychic coma to survive the ordeal.  Later when she awakens to discover the death of the Hellions it is the counsel of Xavier that consoles her.

After working with the X-men during the Phanlax storyline, Emma co-founds a school with Banshee to train the next generation of mutants (Generation X).  Throughout the years Emma proves her dedication and loyalty to Xavier’s dream and becomes accepted in the ranks of the X-men.

Did you know that Emma Frost’s diamond form was a secondary mutation?