Character Spotlight – on Apocalypse

Apocalypse aka En Sabah Nur is one of the world’s first mutant.  He was originally introduced as a main villain for the original X-factor team.  Born in ancient Egypt, Apocalypse was born with a variety of superhuman abilities that was further augmented after merging with advanced technology (the technology is believed to be Celestial in origin).

He is portrayed as an immortal being, having total control over the molecular structure of his body (thus enabling him to change his form as needed).  As such he can enhance his physical abilities or transform his arms and legs into into weapons, or heal himself from fatal injuries.  In essence Apocalypse has the ability to adapt his body to protect himself from any attacker or hostile environment.

An interesting aspect about his immortality is that he either transfers his essence into a new host body or utilizes special regeneration chambers.  (Whenever he changes host bodies he adds the hosts powers to his own).

Apocalypse ideology is based on Charles Darwin’s theories of evolution.  He supports the notion of “survival of the fittest” and that the strongest of a species must survive.   This ideal is the backbone behind all of his plots and schemes.

Did you know that if Bob Layton (writer for X-factor issues #1-5) was not replaced by writer Louise Simonson that Apocalypse would not have existed?